What is in a Home Report?

A Home Report contains three documents: a Single Survey, an Energy Report and a Property Questionnaire. Find out more about what these documents contain in our Home Report page.

Are there any Home Report exceptions?

Yes, there are a number of exceptions. Namely:

  • New homes, including those sold ‘off-plan’
  • Newly converted premises, which had not previously been used as a home
  • Right to Buy homes, where the home is sold to a tenant and marketing is not required
  • Seasonal and holiday accommodation, which only has permission to be used for less than 11 months in any year
  • A portfolio of residential properties, where a home is sold with one or more other homes and will not be sold in isolation
  • Mixed sales, where a property is sold with one or more residential properties
  • Dual use of a dwelling house, where a property is used for both residential and non-residential purposes
  • Unsafe properties, where there is a risk to the health and safety of occupants or visitors
  • Properties to be demolished

Who pays for the Home Report?

The seller is responsible for the cost of the Home Report.

Who should be given a copy of the Home Report?

Buyers should receive a copy of the Home Report within nine calendar days of the request. There are a few occassions where a seller may refuse to give a copy:

  • The buyer could not afford the house.
  • The person is not really interested in buying the property.
  • It is not a person to whom the seller wishes to sell.

The Home Report should be provided free of charge, although a reasonable cost can be made for printing and postage.

How much does a MoveMachine Home Report cost?

The price varies according to property type. However, we have a full range of finance packages available to allow you to offer a variety of payment methods to your clients. This includes upfront payment and deferred payment options.

How will I order a Home Report?

MoveMachine has devised a very simple online order process. You simply log onto the MoveMachine portal, order your Home Reports, track their progress and download the completed document. Login to place your order.