Impact of Home Information Pack Suspension

The announcement that Home Information Packs are to be suspended has no impact on Home Reports, and will mean no change to MoveMachine’s Scottish operating procedures.

Home Reports were created through the Scottish Parliament as housing is a devolved matter, and the two products were made up of fundamentally different documents. The main contents of each can be broken down as follows:

Home Report

  • Property Questionnaire
  • Single Survey
  • Valuation
  • Energy Performance Certificate

Home Information Pack

  • Property Questionnaire
  • Evidence of Title
  • Local Searches
  • Drainage and Water Searches
  • Energy Performance Certificate

The major contrast between the two is that a HIP largely contains information related to the legal process. As a result the HIP has not been a document that many buyers have taken any interest in. The Home Report contains a survey and valuation that buyers do have an interest in seeing.